Toshiba AT270-101 display review

The display of the Toshiba pa3591u-1brs AT 270 has as the Google Nexus 7 has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Unlike its competitor, the AT270 but uses the AMOLED display technology. Pixel black image content is completely switched off. This saves power and is especially popular for real black. The result is an intense color reproduction. Unfortunately, the maximum brightness of 295 cd / m² is not particularly high. The readability is due to the AMOLED technology but also ensured in bright environments, unless you work in the blazing sun. Reflections keep within limits.

The angle at which you hold the pa3819u-1brs AT270, hardly plays a role: The viewing angles are stable, inverting the colors can not be seen. Only the brightness decreases at steeper viewing angle somewhat.

The Toshiba pa3479u 1brs touch screen takes a little more finger contact as many of its competitors. Movements are then implemented with precision and reliability. The glide also fallen, so that fleet action or racing games do not mutate to motor insurmountable challenge. From scratching the screen is protected by Gorilla glass surface.

Of the leading group of Toshiba pa3635u 1brm tablets but these results are far away. The tablet is usually at or just below the performance of the Google Nexus 7 with weaker dual-core processor from Texas Instruments. When AT270 CPU and operating system seem to have been designed not particularly effective way. In his Transformer Pad Asus proves example, that the combination of Android and Tegra 3 processor can harmonize much better.

The Webperformance falls from passable to uproot trees without. 2084.2 ms in the SunSpider test browser and 1246 points in Vellamo benchmark fall against the Nexus 7 1701.4 ms, respectively, with 1752 points from something. Navigating pages succeeds but then quickly and without stuttering. For the cozy on the couch surfing it arrived anyway.

The Toshiba is a stylish alternative in the 7-inch segment of the Toshiba satellite l300 battery tablet. With 32 GB memory and microSD slot for intensive data collector is enough space. Equally positive is that the 7-inch device remains cool even at higher loads and is pleasant to hold. Like low weight and a sleek aluminum case. The built-AMOLED display is good. The viewing angle is small, tidy the sharpness and colors enjoyable. In bright conditions, it can be due to reflections but not read very well.

For currently Toshiba satellite a300 battery around 250 euros less to offer the Nexus on the 7th Performance-wise equal, it has an IPS display and is also well made. However, Google also dispensed with the base models on a 3G modem, and a rear camera and a memory card slot is not obstructed. Add a noticeable heat coming under strain. Nevertheless, the price is attractive: there, the 16-GB model costs as little as 199 euros, with 32 GB and it costs 249 with 3G module and 32GB of internal memory, the price is currently at 299 euros.

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