Lenovo ThinkPad Twist reviewed: sleek convertible notebook with Windows 8

Lenovo presents the ThinkPad Twist another rather unusual convertible notebook with Windows 8, and a 12.5-inch screen and rotatable. From the Ultrabook arises in no time a tablet PC for easier finger or stylus or a handy tool for presentations.

The term tablet existed long before iPad, Galaxy Note, HD and Co. A Nook Tablet was then a Windows-based device, which spent most of its existence as a traditional laptop ThinkPad t60 battery and its display was turned on his back when needed, so that the device could then be used as a touch-screen slate PC. Lenovo and HP are among the most important of the few big producers that the Windows-based convertible notebooks during the barren years before the iPad Revolution held with systems such as the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 and the HP TouchSmart TX2 alive.

Nowadays Tablets, hybrid devices and Convertibles are against omnipresent and available in unlimited quantities. The scope ranges from devices such as the Sony Vaio Duo, which is simply pushed to the laptop via the Dell XPS 12, the ThinkPad t61 battery display is simply rotated in the display frame, up to the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, the display is folded out of the notebook mode simply backwards and it does so for Tablet. But the classic convertible design - ie a display that is rotated on a central hinge and then folded over the back of the unit - we have not seen in a long time.

Thus, the Lenovo ThinkPad twist is, in a sense is a technical antique - and it need not be necessarily bad. Because convertible notebooks with central rotary hinge should be very familiar to many users that before 2010 a Windows tablet called their own. The design is of course not as fancy as the futuristic Convertibles from Dell or Toshiba, but just business users, it may be more familiar - and that brings with it a certain feel-good effect with it. Add to that the typical ThinkPad-solid construction, an IPS panel, and Lenovo's usual range of user-friendly configuration and support software.

In the price range of the tested about 950 euros expensive Core i5 configuration of the ThinkPad t500 battery twist it would be difficult for investigators at any rate, to find a higher quality device. Who to look snazzy emphasis is, with the twist probably used incorrectly - it really looks as though it was just after a jump in time from the year 2009. But business users and home users with little design claims get here missed the full, classic ThinkPad broadside, which in this case also includes touch functionality under Windows 8.

Design, equipment and display

Lenovo is long gone, the company that just produced only professional ThinkPad. Meanwhile, Lenovo also manufactures the imaginary for occasional private use IdeaPad notebooks and favorable Essential equipment. Within the ThinkPad t61p battery family there's also the Edge series, which the classic ThinkPad design to modern aspects - for example, the keyboard in island style with the low-profile keys, the keyboard-less click-pad and a total leaner and sharper design - expanded.

The twist seems to look like it was taken from the Edge series, it is in name but not assigned. The laptop has. Slightly rounded corners, a thin despite the touchscreen technology display lid and the modern looking keyboard with flat keys, which are found in more and more Lenovo products

With its matte black finish, the lenovo y510 battery notebook fits into office environments and falls with a height of two centimeters in the café is not negative. An attention magnet like Acer's Aspire S7 or Lenovo own Yoga Ultrabook, it is not yet.

The distinguishing physical feature of the Twist is its central display hinge. Rotates the display horizontally in the hinge 180 degrees, so that the screen then suddenly away from the user shows. That in itself is an extremely useful item, as soon as you can a small audience present content without having to turn the notebook yourself. So you can, for example, show the entire space on the fly a presentation, for example, but also in the hotel watching a movie without the keyboard is in the way.

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