Apple could launch a 14-inch MacBook Ai

Apple is considering marketing a MacBook Air 14-inch size of the Asian market in particular to conquer the heart of China. While several months are rumors of launching a 15-inch MacBook Air (see this article), this time it comes to the possible launch of a 14-inch MacBook Air.

By opting for the format 14-inch Apple MacBook pro battery seek to win the heart of Asian and especially Chinese who see their living standards improve day by day and so are more likely to be able to offer a product of the firm the apple.

While in the West the majority of powerbook g4 battery laptops sold is set to a 15-inch, Asia it is not the same as the format is 14 inches which is the heart of the area with 35% to 40% market share against 20% to 25% worldwide.

Out a 14-inch Macbook air battery in the Asian market would have any meaning to conquer. And if the information is confirmed, it will be a clear sign of Apple's ambitions in Asia, where the economy is much better than in Europe and North America.

The question is whether Apple will take the party to launch a 14-inch MacBook Air only in the Asian market is a priority for Tim Cook - which would be a first - or whether such a model will also market the rest of the world as is usually the case.

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Sony Vaio SVE14Sony Vaio SVE14A2V1E 14 Core i5 Ivy Bridge, HD7670M, 750GB, W8A2V1E 14 Core i5 Ivy Bridge, HD7670M, 750GB, W8

With SVE14A2V1E Vaio, Sony vgp-bps8b has a new versatile laptop 14 inches less than 850 euros, which runs on Intel Chief River and Windows 8, the new OS from Microsoft. It includes a Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, a dedicated graphics card AMD midrange with Stamina technology, a beautiful space of storage, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and also a backlit keyboard.

This Sony vgp-bps13/B, laptop features a look that is both simple and elegant with its white color. Its hard drive is protected against shocks and pressing the WEB provides top of the keyboard provides fast access to the Internet within seconds after starting

It has a chiclet keyboard whose keys can be backlit to distinguish them when the ambient light is low, which is appreciable.

Its connectivity is good, offering wireless modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n for communications and remote connections wireless, HDMI and VGA video outputs handy to easily connect the PC to a TV for example, ports audio and Ethernet and four USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible. One of Sony vgp-bps13s also adopts the USB 3.0 standard to deliver faster than USB 2.0 if we plug in a USB 3.0 device transfers, and can charge a small device even if the computer is in standby or off.

Although it is equipped with a dedicated graphics card, this laptop offers a beautiful autonomy announced 7:00. In practice, so expect a little more than 6 hours on battery surfing the Internet via Wi-Fi in Stamina mode.

This Sony vgp-bps24 laptop actually adopts the Hybrid Graphics technology allows the user to operate the laptop or on the graphics Intel HD 4000 integrated processor that is energy efficient (Stamina mode) or on the more powerful dedicated card Radeon HD7670M ( Graphics mode).

The transition from one to another is performed automatically and in real time how Nvidia Optimus, knowing that the Radeon HD7670M is enabled only when the capabilities of the Intel HD 4000 would be insufficient to accomplish the tasks requested by the user logins.

The Sony vgp-bpl9 Intel HD 4000 and Radeon HD7670M ensures trouble playing 1080p HD videos, but the latter is more powerful. It is put to use in demanding jobs in graphic resources such as games. In this area, this graphics card midrange able to handle a lot of titles satisfactorily. However, keep in mind that concessions are inevitable under the most demanding 3D games resources to obtain good fluidity.

Always a point of view performance, this Sony vgp-bps9 notebook delivers good overall performance, including multitasking, thanks to its 4 GB of RAM and Intel Core i5-3210M Ivy Bridge. In practice, these components will satisfy many users.

Storage is provided by him a hard drive with a nice capacity of 750 GB to install a lot of software and games but also keep many diverse and varied files on this computer.

Finally, the Sony vgp-bps20 screen displays a 16:9 format that is well suited to playing videos, a definition of 1366x768 and a brilliant treatment that brings out the colors but appears sensitive to glare. The classic short and some are sure to regret it is not dull, which would have allowed him to be more readable in bright environments while lovers of great workspaces regret that resolution is not higher .

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