Digital Butterfly auto Catch

Children are inquisitive by nature and to satiate their curiosity regarding animals and insects; we have here the E-catch Net. Simulating the motions of a butterfly’s catching net, this device scans and then relays 3D info regarding the insect under scrutiny. A very play-way method of getting children involved regarding their environment.

E-catch Net is a 2013 IDEA Awards winner.

Designers: Zhang Cheng, Tuo Jin, Lin-en Wang & Xiaoneng Jin Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS

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Gran Turismo Trimaran

Clemens Auer's modern yacht design takes inspiration from almost the polar opposite: classic cars! This is most noticeable in the trimaran’s front half, where the wings are reminiscent of vintage fenders from the 1930s. Exquisite finishes and exaggerated features, including an abundance of wood detailing, square tail, drop top, and dramatic lines, reflect the era in an entirely new and fresh way. 

Designer: Clemens Auer HP

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A Smoke Free World

Designed with both smokers and non-smokers in mind, the Spiro system aims to provide a quick use shelter for those who want to smoke without disturbing others. Its high tech filtration system and functional shape create an invisible curtain around the user, preventing second-hand smoke from entering public areas. Without walls, it's easier to move in and out of and makes responsible smoking less of a chore for those who enjoy their ciggies. 

Spiro's unique filtration system cleans the air with polarized media filter technology, which consists of a flexible activated carbon foam material at its base that works as a conductor for static electricity generated in the plastic fiber material on both sides. The carbon connects to powerheads in the air cleaner, where, under current, the plastic fiber material is charged , sucking bigger pollutants into itself from the passing air while the carbon neutralizes VOCs, harmful chemicals, smoke and odors.

The plastic fibers in the filter of Spiro Air Cleaners are cellulose acetate recycled from discarded cigarette butts processed through autoclaving and chemical treatment. This way, 95% material purity can be reached.  The outdoor version has an ashtray to collect butts and ashes in the smoking area, like any other smoking shelter. An estimated 1.7 billion pounds per year is "wasted" from cellulose acetate by throwing it away in the shape of filters. It biodegrades very slowly, staying in nature with toxic chemicals seeping from the filters into water and soil.  

The outdoor configuration of Spiro is an umbrella like folding shelter. It affords site-specific air cleaning where passive smoke is a problem in public areas, preventing it from moving into non-smoking areas by creating an air curtain around the perimeter of the umbrella. Because no walls are used, the space under the shelter is unobstructed as the single leg takes up little space. This allows users to move freely in and out of the umbrella. 

Easy opening and closing of the umbrella is done by an inflatable rim under the arms, which is operated by a radial compressor connected to the air intake fan. The indoor configuration provides a versatile solution for indoor air filtering and can be mounted on the ceiling or as a standalone object. It circulates the air in the room by moving the air along the ceiling which then moves down the walls, pushing air at the floor upwards. Both variations have a lighting function with a dimmable LED light shell to be used at home as ceiling light or outdoor lighting.

Designer: Csaba Kálmán Toshiba


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Dell Inspiron 17R SE, 17.3 Full HD 3D Blu-ray, 2TB, 8 GB, Ivy Bridge i7, GT 650M

Dell disclaims his laptop inspiron 17r battery 17.3 inch SE version versatile performance in less than 1200 euros oriented multimedia. This model is equipped with a Full HD 3D screen, a Blu-Ray player, a Quad Core processor Ivy Bridge Core i7, a nice amount of RAM, a large storage space, to a dedicated graphics card Nvidia Kepler but also USB 3.0.

This Dell Inspiron 17R SE is designed for those who are looking for a versatile notebook with a relatively efficient multimedia orientation.

Dell inspiron 1420 battery has a Full HD screen that highlights the bright colors but is sensitive to glare and 16:9 format which shows well suited to video playback, including Blu-Ray optical drive that supports In addition to CDs and DVDs, so you can enjoy directly on the slab of High Definition content.

In addition to providing a large workspace and leisure comfortable, the Dell vostro 1015 battery screen adopts the technology associated with 3D glasses provided offers better immersion in 3D but also 2D media which are converted on the fly in 3D with the key a relief effect more or less convincing.

3D has the disadvantage of being more resource intensive than 2D graphics, ditto for the Full HD resolution compared to the 1366 × 768 or 1600 × 900. So if the HD video playback does not pose any problem in 3D games however suffer. Adaptations are more substantial effect in 2D required to play in 3D. As a result, most users will be satisfied in the 2D games demanding although the dedicated graphics card Geforce GT 650M 28nm Kepler architecture delivers good performance.

This Dell inspiron 1564 battery notebook has also a large storage space of 2000 GB with 2 hard disks that can accommodate multiple files with different and varied why not a personal production as well as numerous software and games. Some may regret that they are not faster for greater responsiveness. They are still accompanied by a SSD Cache solution providing start / stop fast as the launch of the most frequently used software.

The Dell vostro a860 battery orientation of the mobile multimedia continues in his heart made a nice amount of RAM to 8GB and a Core i7-3630QM that deliver solid performance in all situations, including multitasking, providing overall power to see it coming. Especially compared to 4GB DDR3 and a Dual Core processor, they provide much faster treatment in resource-intensive fields RAM and CPU such as 3D rendering, photo editing or video editing.

Audio solution with subwoofer is also on hand to offer superior sound quality average, significantly when playing Blu-Ray with Dell studio 1555 battery in particular. Finally connector side, there are modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n for communications and remote connections wireless video outputs HDMI and VGA practical easily connect your PC to a projector or TV for example, audio ports and Ethernet ports and 4 USB 3.0 compatible USB 2.0 ensures faster transfers than USB 2.0 if it connects USB 3.0 devices. One of these is equipped with USB 3.0 technology PowerShare to reload a small device.

It is now possible to get this Dell Inspiron 17R SE for 1199 euros at Rue du Commerce and Best Buy. In its category, it is one of the only portable our price comparison to be equipped with a 3D display and storage space also important.

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Acer introduces business version of the Ultrabook Aspire series S7

Acer is launching business versions of S7 Aspire Ultrabook models on the market. The new Acer tm00741 Aspire series S7 Pro differs from the available since December 2012 consumer Ultrabooks only a few points, including the operating system, the manufacturers warranty and the (far higher) price.

To series Aspire S7 Pro Acer as07a41 includes two 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch Ultrabooks start their prices in 1939 respectively 2069 euros. The 11.6-inch models weigh just 1.08 kg and is 12.2 millimeters thin, the 13.3-inch models bring the scales at 1.3 kg and have a height of 11.9 millimeters. All models ship with Windows 8 Pro and come including two-year warranty with 24-hour replacement and repair services. Acer should not the 24-hour deadline to comply, the warranty period is automatically extended to three years.

Are one each of the 11.6-inch model Austattungsvariante and the 13.3-inch model is a 128-gigabyte SSD and Intel Core i5-3317U, the other two models offer a SSD with 256 gigabytes of memory and an Intel Core i7 processor-3517U.

For the 11.6-inch ultrabooks the S7 Pro, Acer as10d31 Aspire series of battery life of 4.5 and 9 hours with the included high performance battery. The 13.3-inch devices will reach a maturity of up to 6 hours with the built-in energy storage. A high-capacity battery, which is optionally available for these models, it creates according to the manufacturer, doubling it.

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