Floating Hotel Manta Resort in Africa sea

The Manta Resort is a beautiful hotel with several rooms , located in the Indian Ocean island of Pemba . The Spectacular flight offers not just a roof over your head at night to rest , but also some truly stunning views of Cerquero only room under water. The floating structure of local hardwood offers three levels of consideration for the visitors to the picturesque landscape from above, below and at sea level.

Designed by Mikael Genberg Swedish company Genberg hotels underwater, under water Manta room essentially a private island , the architecture floating off the coast of East Africa and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings and the underwater world. With a four bedroom meters below the surface , the visitors a unique perspective to the presence of abundant aquatic creatures swim past and cling to the panoramic windows given .

Whether you're climbing the ladder of top cover floating space filled sun with your Dell 1545 battery laptop, stay at sea level in the lounge or relax down in the bottom quarter to see the exotic reef fish , is sure to be a adventure. Men could even dive into the water from the upper deck or simply go snorkeling around the architectural structure. The possibilities for relaxation or adventure is up to the customer.

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Sony Vaio SVE14Sony Vaio SVE14A2V1E 14 Core i5 Ivy Bridge, HD7670M, 750GB, W8A2V1E 14 Core i5 Ivy Bridge, HD7670M, 750GB, W8

With SVE14A2V1E Vaio, Sony vgp-bps8b has a new versatile laptop 14 inches less than 850 euros, which runs on Intel Chief River and Windows 8, the new OS from Microsoft. It includes a Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, a dedicated graphics card AMD midrange with Stamina technology, a beautiful space of storage, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and also a backlit keyboard.

This Sony vgp-bps13/B, laptop features a look that is both simple and elegant with its white color. Its hard drive is protected against shocks and pressing the WEB provides top of the keyboard provides fast access to the Internet within seconds after starting

It has a chiclet keyboard whose keys can be backlit to distinguish them when the ambient light is low, which is appreciable.

Its connectivity is good, offering wireless modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n for communications and remote connections wireless, HDMI and VGA video outputs handy to easily connect the PC to a TV for example, ports audio and Ethernet and four USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible. One of Sony vgp-bps13s also adopts the USB 3.0 standard to deliver faster than USB 2.0 if we plug in a USB 3.0 device transfers, and can charge a small device even if the computer is in standby or off.

Although it is equipped with a dedicated graphics card, this laptop offers a beautiful autonomy announced 7:00. In practice, so expect a little more than 6 hours on battery surfing the Internet via Wi-Fi in Stamina mode.

This Sony vgp-bps24 laptop actually adopts the Hybrid Graphics technology allows the user to operate the laptop or on the graphics Intel HD 4000 integrated processor that is energy efficient (Stamina mode) or on the more powerful dedicated card Radeon HD7670M ( Graphics mode).

The transition from one to another is performed automatically and in real time how Nvidia Optimus, knowing that the Radeon HD7670M is enabled only when the capabilities of the Intel HD 4000 would be insufficient to accomplish the tasks requested by the user logins.

The Sony vgp-bpl9 Intel HD 4000 and Radeon HD7670M ensures trouble playing 1080p HD videos, but the latter is more powerful. It is put to use in demanding jobs in graphic resources such as games. In this area, this graphics card midrange able to handle a lot of titles satisfactorily. However, keep in mind that concessions are inevitable under the most demanding 3D games resources to obtain good fluidity.

Always a point of view performance, this Sony vgp-bps9 notebook delivers good overall performance, including multitasking, thanks to its 4 GB of RAM and Intel Core i5-3210M Ivy Bridge. In practice, these components will satisfy many users.

Storage is provided by him a hard drive with a nice capacity of 750 GB to install a lot of software and games but also keep many diverse and varied files on this computer.

Finally, the Sony vgp-bps20 screen displays a 16:9 format that is well suited to playing videos, a definition of 1366x768 and a brilliant treatment that brings out the colors but appears sensitive to glare. The classic short and some are sure to regret it is not dull, which would have allowed him to be more readable in bright environments while lovers of great workspaces regret that resolution is not higher .

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iPad 5 is a new photo of the back cover

5 The iPad has been the subject of many rumors since early this year and so we have seen a good number of photos featuring some of its parts or even some accessories. We especially think the clichés of its back cover or in this protective cover that made some noise at the beginning. Now is that Tactus recurrence again with a new photo that appears what looks like inside the back cover of the next iPad and macbook pro 15 inch battery . The best is yet to come also because the new image is accompanied by some technical specifications bonus, just to give a smile to all those who swear by Apple products.

As usual, it must nevertheless temper that good news stating a rumor is nothing more than a rumor. And in this regard, we must admit that the macbook pro 17 inch battery products designed and conceived by the bitten apple often tend to catalyze a lot of gossip months before their release. The following information should be taken with the utmost of prudence.

The back cover staging of this photo is very close to these other pictures that were unearthed earlier this year by 9to5 macbook pro 13 inch battery . We thus find a compact piece which is reminiscent of the lines of the iPad Mini. This is obviously not a coincidence since the iPad 5 should normally be based on the small touch pad Iceberg. At the risk of repeating myself, it seems also perfectly consistent with the approach of the firm, it has always meant to standardize its products and it is actually very surprising that she did not do the same for its touch pads.

iPad 5 is a screen that consumes less battery pack for less?

Now to the technical specifications unearthed by Tactus. According to sources on the site, iPad 5 with Power2u USB wall outlet should thus enjoy a chip IZGO A7X and a 9.7 inch screen, an extremely fine screen that would benefit the Retina and consume little energy. Be careful though because it does not necessarily mean that the next iPad will be more independent than its predecessor. No, actually, if Apple actually holds this technology will mostly compensate for the extreme fineness of its new slate, and therefore the extreme thinness of the new Apple a1175 battery in it.

And while we're still following the same gossip, Apple a1280 iPad 5 should measure 7.2mm thick, 9.4mm against the current generation. Amazing, is not it? Certainly, and it certainly probably not give palpitations competitors to the company. For the rest, well the new iPad could also carry a 8 megapixel sensor and be available in four storage capacities: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB All with two colors to choose from, just like the iPad Mini.

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Dell see the PC business in danger and Windows 8 partial debt

Michael Dell, CEO of the U.S. PC maker Dell inspiron 14 battery wants to take his company is well known by the market and make it back to a private company. This is due to considerations of restructuring the ailing manufacturer crucial in order to be better prepared for the future. However, there are some vigorous opposition from ranks of shareholders and investors. As The Verge reports, citing the business magazine Forbes, now makes an entry with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for new fuel. The computer company has to explain risks and uncertainties, which are Dell shareholders should confront.

The most prominent problems faced by Dell inspiron 1564 battery sees claims to be against, include:

- Continue declining sales figures in business with desktop PCs and notebooks, without concrete evidence, if and when this trend will come to an end.

- Very general uncertainty of how the PC market develops in the future.

- High economic pressure due to steadily falling market prices

- Increasing user numbers of Inspiron 15R battery PC operating system alternatives to Microsoft Windows

- Slow adoption of Windows 8 with an uncertain outlook, unexpectedly declining numbers in Windows 7 upgrades in the enterprise business and the displacement of traditional PCs by tablets and smartphones

Although all the points that the group lists, by and large, do not contain any real surprises, they are still a pretty clear admission by one of the largest Inspiron 14R battery PC manufacturers. The forecasts are however probably not influence the further negotiations regarding the efforts of Michael Dell and its partners. In addition to their range now also offer the investor Carl Icahn and investment firm Blackwater with the computer manufacturer.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Twist reviewed: sleek convertible notebook with Windows 8

Lenovo presents the ThinkPad Twist another rather unusual convertible notebook with Windows 8, and a 12.5-inch screen and rotatable. From the Ultrabook arises in no time a tablet PC for easier finger or stylus or a handy tool for presentations.

The term tablet existed long before iPad, Galaxy Note, HD and Co. A Nook Tablet was then a Windows-based device, which spent most of its existence as a traditional laptop ThinkPad t60 battery and its display was turned on his back when needed, so that the device could then be used as a touch-screen slate PC. Lenovo and HP are among the most important of the few big producers that the Windows-based convertible notebooks during the barren years before the iPad Revolution held with systems such as the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 and the HP TouchSmart TX2 alive.

Nowadays Tablets, hybrid devices and Convertibles are against omnipresent and available in unlimited quantities. The scope ranges from devices such as the Sony Vaio Duo, which is simply pushed to the laptop via the Dell XPS 12, the ThinkPad t61 battery display is simply rotated in the display frame, up to the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, the display is folded out of the notebook mode simply backwards and it does so for Tablet. But the classic convertible design - ie a display that is rotated on a central hinge and then folded over the back of the unit - we have not seen in a long time.

Thus, the Lenovo ThinkPad twist is, in a sense is a technical antique - and it need not be necessarily bad. Because convertible notebooks with central rotary hinge should be very familiar to many users that before 2010 a Windows tablet called their own. The design is of course not as fancy as the futuristic Convertibles from Dell or Toshiba, but just business users, it may be more familiar - and that brings with it a certain feel-good effect with it. Add to that the typical ThinkPad-solid construction, an IPS panel, and Lenovo's usual range of user-friendly configuration and support software.

In the price range of the tested about 950 euros expensive Core i5 configuration of the ThinkPad t500 battery twist it would be difficult for investigators at any rate, to find a higher quality device. Who to look snazzy emphasis is, with the twist probably used incorrectly - it really looks as though it was just after a jump in time from the year 2009. But business users and home users with little design claims get here missed the full, classic ThinkPad broadside, which in this case also includes touch functionality under Windows 8.

Design, equipment and display

Lenovo is long gone, the company that just produced only professional ThinkPad. Meanwhile, Lenovo also manufactures the imaginary for occasional private use IdeaPad notebooks and favorable Essential equipment. Within the ThinkPad t61p battery family there's also the Edge series, which the classic ThinkPad design to modern aspects - for example, the keyboard in island style with the low-profile keys, the keyboard-less click-pad and a total leaner and sharper design - expanded.

The twist seems to look like it was taken from the Edge series, it is in name but not assigned. The laptop has. Slightly rounded corners, a thin despite the touchscreen technology display lid and the modern looking keyboard with flat keys, which are found in more and more Lenovo products

With its matte black finish, the lenovo y510 battery notebook fits into office environments and falls with a height of two centimeters in the café is not negative. An attention magnet like Acer's Aspire S7 or Lenovo own Yoga Ultrabook, it is not yet.

The distinguishing physical feature of the Twist is its central display hinge. Rotates the display horizontally in the hinge 180 degrees, so that the screen then suddenly away from the user shows. That in itself is an extremely useful item, as soon as you can a small audience present content without having to turn the notebook yourself. So you can, for example, show the entire space on the fly a presentation, for example, but also in the hotel watching a movie without the keyboard is in the way.

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